G120 RTC crystal, 32.000khz or 32.768khz?

Just to make sure, which one is the right one ?
Usually RTC crystals are 32.768khz, but FEZ Cobra II schematics and other posts says 32khz
Which one is correct ?

I could be wrong, but in my experience, RTC crystal are 32,768Hz - that is 32Khz, K being 1024. So, I think it is common, though not always consistent, to say 32Khz for a 32,768Hz crystal. I am glad you asked - a clarification will be helpful.


BTW, I do wish that K always meant 2^10 and M always meant 2^20 and G always meant 2^30.

x1024 only applies to binary storage right? 32kHz should mean 32000Hz, but I also think this is an error as most (if not all) RTC crynstals are 32768Hz

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@ PhilM - I had an official reply to this, here: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9720.

I fitted a 32768Hz crystal to mine and it seems to be working correctly. Referring to this as 32kHz is just plain wrong, but the STM datasheet for the chip does this, so hard to blame GHI. Also pretty dumb writing it as 32.768kHz since this is two characters longer than 32768Hz!

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Thanks ! I did not find that post because I searched for 32.768 instead of 32768 !
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