G120 & rlp

Does anyone have got RLP running on G120?

If so could you please post some example project…

There is a problem with RLP and G120 in the current release, but it has been fixed internally and will be available in the next release.

Is there a more actual list of known issues and when they will/might get fixed as this one:

That is the most up to date list. RLP is not on it as we just discovered the issue yesterday.

How about the problem with WaitHandler and GC is fired, this is present in current version.

@ Gus - Thank you for the Info.
A bug/issue tracker would really be a nice thing to have here.


You’ve mentioned a tracking system a few times, I suspect GHI have one internally, and for their specific firmwares it achieves the goal they need. Perhaps all you really need is a view of known issues that is refreshed reasonably regularly?

Yes we do internally but developers working in firmware may not be active in community. As we are out of beta and we should be done or near done, this will be easier to handle. We would see issues rarely by then. Just like 4.1.

Almost there guys, couple weeks if all goes as planed.

How about EMX, does it also have the 4.2 RLP bug?

Looking forward the new release to fixing it. And G120 will be almost perfect. Keep on working, GHI staff!

Thanks GHI … RLP is working on G120 with MF 4.2.8 :slight_smile:

Hi all sorry abou this question, but what I need to download and re-install to get the RLP working on my G120, it’s critical for my application at this point.

I have downloaded the package “GHI NETMF v4.2 and .NET Gadgeteer Package 2013-02-14” and I’m installing it. do I need to update my G120 firmware?

Thanks in advance

Ok, I got it.

I just installed the package and at the end the software ask me to update the firmware also.

Now it works, thanks!