G120 RLP debug

Hi all,

Mainly for speed improvement on a G120 board I wrote an MMC interface, SD card driver and implemented the open source FatFS file system all in RLP. All works really fine until NETMF (GC) Garbage collection runs. I need to break in the RLP code with a debugger but the G120 only has the SWDIO pins available. As far as i know SWDIO can only be activated with JTAG communication. My Questions: are the JTAG pins available on the test pads on the G120 PCB or does someone know how to force SWDIO mode


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According to the schematic pin 43 is the SWCLK and pin 44 is the SWDIO of the SWD-Interface on the G120 SOM. The SWD-interface normaly activates itself when it recognises a connected debugger. But I think SWD-debugging isn’t that userfriendly as the visual-studio-debugger, I think without the complete source and an IDE it’s nearly impossible.
Can you maybe run (and maybe debug) the RLP-code on its own on another platform just to be sure the code itself works fine?

The code was developed on another board with the same MCU as the G120… Otherwise it would have been impossible to develop something like this :slight_smile: According to the data-sheet of the LPC1788 i just read that first JTAG communication is necessary before SWDIO can be established. I expect that the test pads on the PCB connects to the JTAG pins… @GHI any help?

We enable CRP3 on the G120 so access via JTAG is not possible.

Now you are challenging me :wink: