G120 power consumption TBD?

I understand that the G120 is “sampling” and that the power consumption is TBD. The device I have in planning is battery-powered so power consumption (even if it is preliminary and subject to +/- tolerances at this point) is needed for design input. I like this module and want to present the option for using but will be held up by battery-life requirements (we are already committed to a battery design) if I present without power consumption estimates. At a minimum, can I say “similar to” a previous GHI product or “not more than” some numbers? I expect that the Cortex M3 low-power options will be available and I can explain any added software considerations but I do need to be able to speak with some confidence on this topic.

It should be about 50mA to 80mA when fully operational, and about 30mA less when idle. 1mA in hibernate.

We can’t give any official numbers till we have the firmware finalized as numbers change depending on what features we add/remove.

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