G120 NETMF powered electric oven

Got fed up with the crappy control on my electric cheap oven and decided to NETMF if. Using my temp sensor on the multimeter I could see that the heating control via the thermosat was crude and out by about 20 degrees C and very slow to switch the heating back on so there was quite a high loss of temperature during the cycling.

Using a custom board with the G120 and a 5" Capactive touch LCD I built a new controller for it. Overkill of course but hey, why have a hobby and not use it. :slight_smile:

See below for a couple of images. Sorry about the washed out one but the phone won’t capture the LCD as well as the rest of the surrounding area. It does show my multimeter with a thermocouple showing the same temperature. My sensor is located below the bottom shelve, between the 2 front heating elements. The test one was located just above the middle of the oven.

Temperature sensor is a Grove thermocouple based unit from Seeed Studio feeding into the G120 analog input. The G120 analog inputs are very noisy so I used a rolling average filter to clean this up and it works quite well.

The heating element is controlled by a 40A solid state relay and I get about a 5 degree overshoot on the simple PID I used.

Using a software based has allowed me to control the cooking stages. For example, when I cook some pork bellies, I cook at 220 deg C for 30 mins and then reduce this to 180 for 1.5 hours. I can add cooking steps like this in the software.

It’s all done in pure NETMF with Glide.

As you see, it’s a bit wonky mounted right now and I will sort this out in the next few days to make it more presentable but I am chuffed that it works. Now there is no excuse for poor baking.


@ Dave McLaughlin - You see. Right there. That’s why we have to find such patient and understanding spouses.

Kudos - really like the way you think :clap:

No big deal actually as my wife is Indonesian and they never really use ovens much. Not many homes have them. It’s mainly me who uses it for baking and pork bellies :slight_smile:

I sometimes miss my home food so I often get into making some cookies, cakes and baked rice pudding etc.

I forgot to mention that it also has a fingerprint reader to prevent someone switching it on without authorised and being logged in. :slight_smile:

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@ Dave McLaughlin - Provide some more details so I can send it to hackaday


Those must be some special pork bellies! :smiley:

Are you planning to share the code? I’m building something very similar and would be interested in comparing at some point.

It’s pretty much dedicated to the hardware but I can post it on Codeshare for you to grab anything from it that you need.

Sure Gary.

Let me tidy it up and get it nice and squared up and get some decent pictures and then I’ll send you some more details. I’ll grab some images of the custom board too.

And the results are in. My first proper cooking with the G120 powered oven.

Some nice well fired Scottish morning rolls.

I used 2 stages to get the fired finish I like. 15 mins at 170 and then 5 mins at 220 deg C.

Gary, I’ll do some pics of it this weekend and send you the details by email.


mmmm, hungry now :slight_smile:

Weirdest looking reflow I’ve ever seen.


You have to make your own bread around here as the local stuff is a sweet as hell. :slight_smile:


I suddenly have a strong desire to head to Hardees for some biscuits and gravy…thanks. :frowning:

I’ve heard about them on TV but not found a decent recipe for them.

Getting decent bread around here has been a trial and after today I am ready to try a few more things.

PS… The rolls go great with some nice smoked back bacon. Not that streaky stuff you guys do over there but proper bacon with loads of meat.

[quote=“Dave McLaughlin”]

I’ve heard about them on TV but not found a decent recipe for them.[/quote]

Never heard of Hardees or biscuits & gravy? If the later then your life is about to change…

I haven’t tried this recipe but it sounds about right for the biscuits…

This gravy looks about right…

I wouldn’t recommend eating them every day unless you want to end up looking like a bloated whale but they’re a great treat every once in a while.

Thanks Ian,

They sound almost like a scones recipe from the UK. My only issue will be finding buttermilk around here but I see the gravy recipe one doesn’t use this.

AND I need to convert the units into “proper” ones :slight_smile:

PS… If you fancy making a few tasty things from Scotland, this website is a gem.

This one in particular will take some work to make and probably rot your teeth but it’s so yummy.


Oh and this one will seem like your biscuits but we eat with a big knob of butter and some quality jam.


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