G120 Module Missing Components?

A sharp-eyed assembler at my assembly house noticed some components missing from a G120 module and marked it up (pictures attached). Is this intentional or is it time for an RMA?

I wonder how this passed by production and testing. We will investigate and make sure this never happens again.

A member of our team with contact you via email to take care of this.

@ Iggmoe - Please direct message me the “WO#” number and I will also email you in the morning when I get into the office and have had the chance to talk to production.

Thanks guys! Just for clarification, what’s a WO# ?

@ Iggmoe - When you look at the label on the package that the G120 came, you will see a 3 - 4 digit number on that label. Just let us know what that number is.

I will ask my assembly house if they noted the specific packaging it came from. It seems unlikely though as the G120 and its packaging had long been separated by the time they called me to see.

@ Iggmoe - ok, if they do let us know. Was it a direct buy from us?

Purchased through Mouser.

@ Iggmoe - thanks, please keep us posted on what the assembly house says. I will reach out to you via email after talking with production. Just out of curiosity, how long ago did you purchase these?

Hi Gary. The assembly house lost track of the packaging. But we ordered these modules from Mouser on the week of 12/10/2014.

@ Iggmoe - Let me check into it and you will hear from me shortly.

@ Gary @ GHI - You guys rock! Thank you for sending me not only a replacement G120 for the one bad unit, but also an extra one. Excellent customer service and much appreciated :slight_smile:


You are very welcome.

You are in good hands :slight_smile: