G120 jtag

Does the G120 have support for JTAG / Serial Wire Debug? I noticed that pins 43-44 (SWD CLK and SWD IO) are available but the datasheet reads “inaccessible”, and SWO is missing. I could not find any of the other JTAG pins within the datasheet or Cobra II schematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@ brice_chart -

You can’t, why do you need JTAG on G120?

Those pins are for our internal use only.

We are finding the .NET MF is using some considerable overhead and wanted to try writing native code to the NXP.

Gus, so the Serial Debug is not connected to the processor?


You can use RLP to load native code to G120. The JTAG pins are connected but they are locked.

If you want to go native, why not just create a new board with the NXP processor on it. You would be wasting the G120 Premium features otherwise?

That might be the end solution long term. Since the G120 is already populated on a PCB with extra RAM and Flash memory, it makes production for small numbers and prototyping much easier and cost effective. The hardware solution is a good fit for us, but we are wanting more flexibility with performance and power management.

@ brice_chart - You certainly can erase the G120 completely and use native code and JTAG but then there is no going back to NETMF once it is erased. Is this what you want to do?

@ Gus - Yes, that’s what we are wanting to experiment with. I understand that wiping the G120 is a one-way road. So this is possible? Worst case senario, I’m out $42.49.

Yes it is possible. Please contact us directly with your project details and reasons on why you need to do this. We will gladly help, we just need to protect our IP.