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G120: IO Pin (LCD)


I have used pin 74 (P1_24) and 75 (P1_25) as IO pins on the G120.

I have no LCD on my application.

But, nothing happens - are they permanently reserved for LCD in the firmware?

E.g. pin 65 (P3_24) works fine.

The documentation on the chip says that P1_24 and P1_25 is PWM.


it is difficult to diagnose a “nothing happens” problem without knowing what you are trying to achieve.


@ nsb - P1_25 and P1_25 are not PWM - they are GPIO

PWM are

P2.4 - Pin 3
P1.11 - Pin 23
P1.7 - Pin 24
P1.2 - Pin 25
P1.6 - Pin 26
P1.3 - Pin 28
P3.26 - Pin 54
P3.25 - Pin 64
P3.24 - Pin 65
P2.5 - Pin 85
P2.3 - Pin 90
P1.5 - Pin 91


Sorry, I use them for PGIO (Outputport), only.

Setting High or Low does not change the port state of P1_23 and P1_24.

Outputport does not raise an exception - it jut do nothing - like no connection.
But, can measure a connection directly from the pins to transistors for LEDs on my PCB.

I have used the G120 with a LCD on the same pins - that works fine.

So, I was thinking - does the LCD part of the firmware lockup these pins, so they cannot be used for PGIO?


Can you post the code you are using…


// Status LED

OutputPort LED_R = new OutputPort((Cpu.Pin)(G120.Pin.P1_24), false); // False is ON, PNP


I did this today, used 8 display IO’s in the 2_xx range for interrupt enabled inputs and 8 display IO’s in the 1_xx range as output’s, worked like a train.
What’s the complete setup and code?


hmmm… we will try to find a bug on the pcb.

Thanks for testing.


It was a bug on a single PCB.

This works fine.