G120 : Illegal use of PIN P1.30 (AD4 / COM4_OE)

Hi All,

I noticed that if I need to enter in Boot loader mode while this input is used on my custom board as an analog input with a circuit that put it to GND by default, it will definitively be impossible for me to get the boot loader mode on boot…

The only solution I found was to cut the copper line between my OP295 and the G120 pin to put the AD4 in unconnected mode.

I do not see in which the AD4 would impact the boot loader mode, but If someone has an idea, it will be great to know, as it only means for my application, that it is impossible to use AD4 which however is given as an AD available input…

Thanks for your feedback.

@ LouisCpro

We have discovered that the GHI Bootloader will not work correctly with P1.30 (AD4) being grounded. This pin is required to be high (set internally with pull-up resistor) while being in GHI Bootloader Mode.

This, being necessary for the GHI Bootloader, will not affect the regular functionality of TinyBooter, nor TinyCLR. This is only required for the GHI Bootloader.

This should have been part of the Brochure and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We will update the brochure ASAP.

The correction in the brochure will indicate that this pin should not grounded while in GHI Bootloader Mode.

@ Aron,

Does it mean that finally we can only use 6 of the 7 existing AD ?

@ LouisCpro - can you contact us directly please. I am sure we can find a solution.

@ LouisCpro - We also noticed this but there is no problem using all the analog inputs, you just have to disconnect whatever is connected to AD4 if you want to flash the device.

@ Gus - While typing this it raises a question… I still have to implement IFU and at that point AD4 will be connected, are there known issues about IFU and AD4? (on G120 based devices)