G120 HDR Project

About to send off a little project to a client in Las Vegas…

I created a carrier board for a G120HDR so i could easily plug in a Sd, Muisic, Power and a Pir module and a 5m string of addressable RBS leds.

The Sd card holds random 30sec long MP3’s and an associated txt file with LED animations, so after the PIR fires a random MP3 and animation is loaded from Sd and off she goes.

The client can add and modify the MP3’s and animations to suit.

Another win for .Net and GHI goodies :slight_smile:


@ Justin - Nice. Would like to see more of the video. You cut it off just as the music was building up. :slight_smile:

@ Michael - Cheers, the clip actually finishes there…not sure what the client is going to play bit they are only 30secs long…think i might have to do a longer one and ramp it up :wink:

Nice! What casino?

@ Architect - lol good question - all i know its going under the canopy of a new build.
I will ask the client for a in situ shot once it’s installed.

Good one! I agree with Michael, the video was too much of a tease.