G120 HDR : An error has occurred: please check your hardware

Hello community,

I have a problem I can not solve, I am unable to deploy the program in the G120HDR map for a while, whereas before I never had any problems. But it appeared when I tried to install a watchdog in my program following this: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/31/watchdog
Yet I have everything that is current, and the error appeared suddenly.

Thank you!

Does going back to an empty program deploy fine and only fails when you add a GHI assembly? If so, you do not have the right firmware on your device.

@ Gus - Sorry but I do not understand what you report me, there on my program I removed the “WatchDog” party, so I have the code that previously worked very well and there is no longer the case, I have as reported in error.

@ MVeloso4 - Copy the messages you have in the output window and post this back here.

@ andre.m - When I want to deploy the program on the map, below, has written: Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device and after there is a window with writing “Deployment Errors”.
Then in the list of errors, he wrote to An error has occurred: please check your hardware

@ David@ Emrol -

And connection to your device is visible whithout errors is the device manager?

@ David@ Emrol - Yes, there is no error in the device manager, the connection is good, I’ve looked everywhere, I do not see where is the error.

This morning, I still have the same problem, I do not see where is the error. If you have an idea, do not hesitate because I can not move forward in my project. :wall: :wall:

It’s good I solved the problem!

want to give us any hints for the next person who hits something like this ?