G120 Firmware - Initial Release

We are excited to announce that we finally have the initial release of the G120 (beta) firmware (ver available here:

This firmware works with the same premium libraries that are found in the latest SDK. You can tell by making sure the version numbers match between the firmware and the premium DLL, which is

For further information about the firmware status please see the Wiki:

Updating the G120 is the same as the EMX. Information on how to update the firmware can be found on the above wiki page.

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Is the same firmware used on the actual g120 module (non hdr)?

Wow, seems like things are really picking up for the g120 this week,

Now, I wish I had ordered a HDR as well lol.

Excellent! Will try it as soon as get back home.

G120 and G120HDR are 100% identical.

The instructions for the EMX module firmware update include pressing and holding the UP button. How do you suggest we do that with the G120 module? I assume it has something to do with the LDR0, LDR1 signals but an explanation would be useful.


Correct, updated the page http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=G120HDR_Developer#Firmware_Update

Thanks for the clarification Gus. I will try the update tomorrow morning.


Well done,

updated my “dead” G120HDR and now it works very well.

Thank you GHI!


See? The firmware is out and my G120HDR is still in the mail. :slight_smile:

Should be here today or early next week though. Can’t wait…

Thank you for the G120 beta firmware.
Can we expect a beta version of GHI Electronics Premium NETMF v4.2 library ?


Good question. Use the same premium libs in latest SDK. I will update the first post.

Welcome to the community lexa.

Received my G120HDR, seeing what is still beta I may sit this one out for a little bit while the firmware matures. Great little board though ( I just am spending more time with cerberus for now)

Still unclear from the Wiki, there are 6 ‘gadeteer style’ ports and some traces going to them. But what is this image showing?
http://www.ghielectronics.com/images/catalog/388-2_large.jpg - if I follow that the gadgeteer ports aren’t wired up then this isn’t going to do anything.

The silk screen looks like the lower 2 ‘gadet’ ports are exposed with hole through - but what about the other ones?

The top 3 sockets (the ones on the left of that image) are wired up for socket types R,G,B to use a display. The bottom middle socket is for power/USB debugging. The two outer ones are completely up to the user to wire up using the through holes beside them.

is this firmware a later version than what was shipped with the g120hd?

Yes newer. It fixed many problems.

Thanks for clarifying, this would be a great info for the wiki.