G120 ExtendedWeakReference space limit

Anyone know how much space is available to store data using ExtendedWeakReference on the G120

Mfdeploy has an option to dump flash map. It is always good to get familiar with how flash is organized.

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Good idea!

Why wrong?

I guess it depends on how you look at it. But 128kb of flash is reserved for EWR purposes.

Where did you see 256k?

No, actually less! I am not sure what is the overhead needed for each allocation and not sure how much is used for the object structure.

Just like your hard drive, it is 1tb but you will never get 1tb out of it. Back to our example, EWR is 128k in flash but actual data that can be saved is under 64k.

I actually would love to know what that number might be :slight_smile:

About the 256k. I think this was changed in 4.2 to 128k. We will update the docs.

Thanks for pointing this out.

@ Gus, before you update the doc :wink: See the image from the flash map of my G120… it shows 2x128K EWR

@ Andre: Yes i am talking about G120 and MF 4.2

@ andre.marschalek - Yes, maybe when it comes to memory size :wink: although i started this thread due to EWR problems… Just created a new topic for that…