G120 deploy issue

I deploy on my G120HDR main-board, and the gadgeteer stop to respond. if more modules were connected while deploying it can be the reason?

May be your power supply does not provide enough power.
What voltage and max amps does it provide?
How is it connected?
I never had problems with 7.5V, 1.5Amps max. power supply connected to the USB DP module and my G120HDR.
I usually have ENC28 and CharDisplay connected. An LCD might need more power.
But my old Cobra I (EMX) with LCD also works fine with this power supply.

don’t think it is a problem of power- it connect as it was connect before.

it doesn’t respond via FEZ config tool,no via ethernet.

it connect with usb-client module, and my device manager sometimes jump as it ejects…

I discover I deployed a program which the defined main board there is FES Spider, that can explain? if yes- what should I do?

I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you mean.
But if the deployed program is the reason (which is possible if it creates very high load or causes a reboot all the time) then you could erase the app with MFDeply or upload the firmware again using FEZConfig. May be FEZCOnfig can erase deployed app as well. I’m nut sure about that.

If your app is the reason you could add


at the beginning of your code.
This gives the debugger a chance to attach.
Even with that you might need to reset the board manually when starting deploy.
Alternatively you can wait for a button press on startup. But don’t forget to add a sleep I the while loop.

all of this options will be nice if my gadgeteer ping respond to my FEZ config or VSIO,
just to now- I get

Failure - Device is not connected or not responding.[/quote]
every time I connect the G120HDR to the computer

Then try redeploying the firmware with FEZConfig.
To do so you have to boot it in loader mode. Your app is not started then and a different driver is loaded (virtual COM port) by which FEZ Config deploys the FW.

I update firmware again on the board,
than it back to respond normal… don’t understand why… :slight_smile:

We had it one or two times that the FW was corrupted somehow.
Also your app might have a problem, like using up all resources right from the beginning so no deployment, … is possible anymore.