G120 Crash on CAN disconnection

Hi all, I’m testing a current G120 product that is using a CAN bus for communication.

It is implemented in .Net MF 4 and everything works normally, however, I migrated the solution to TinyCLR and everything time that I disconnect the CAN device the board freezes and after some seconds it restarts.

Having visual studio debugging shows no error when the disconnection happens but I can hear the USB restarting.

This doesn’t happen with the software on NETMF 4.3

Any pointers of where to look if I’m not getting any feedback from the board with visual studio of why is crashing/freezing?

create smallest demo project that shows the issue and describe the repro so someone at GHI could take a look if needed.

We would like to test this in TinyCLR 2.0 and fix if there are any issue. Have you joined the beta program?

Yes, I’m in.
Should I better wait for it?

I plan to upgrade this project to 2.0 anyway…

Can you share a bit of code please?

I will try to set something over the weekend