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G120 / Cobra II Flash Storage Usage?


The G120 SoM lists 4.5 MB of flash storage. How do I access this to store some data? I believe it is on SPI 2.
What is the CS CPU pin #?
Can I access it with the Tiny File System as I do with a Mountaineer USB board?


It’s for your program only. You can’t store any data in it (except for EWR).
If you need storrage you have to add SD Card or NAND Flash module or any USB Mass Storrage Device.


There may be a way, but it is not intended use of that memory. Check this codeshare for Cerberus.It can give you an idea how it is done for the internal flash on STI chips through Register access.

What are you trying to do?


I need the device to read some sensors then store the text data every minute then upload data every so often to the cloud via the cellular module.
I have been using a USB Mountaineer board to do this using its 8 MB external Flash and it works fine but i would like to use a watchdog and RTC which isn’t implemented yet on that board.
I mistakenly assumed the Flash on the G120 was the same as on the Mountaineer board.
4.5 MB seems huge to set asside for the program only.


Programs can have resources and content associated with them. A game for example can easily take all that flash with all its media content.


The 4,5MByte are for firmware and your App,
If you have a UI App thet has several resources for Windows with Bitnmaps and so on, than 4,5 MB can get small quite soon.
There are actually about 3,5 MB of Flash availabvle for your app including it’s resources.

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