G120 campatible displays drivers

Hello. I’m bought some G120 SoMs and now i’m looking for compatible display drivers with this module.

Many 16 BIT LCDs have 16 bit parallel interface but doesn’t have VSYNC HSYNC pins on it. Is it compatible with G120 LCD controller?

I’m currently designing a custom board around the G120.
I’ll be using a 3.5" LCD + Touch from Raystar.

P/N: RFC35C-CIW-D-000

It has an H-Sync V-sync display interface + SPI interface for register configuration.

Hope configuring it will not take too much logic analyzer hours :slight_smile:


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What you are looking for is a display with an RGB interface.

The 16 bit ones have built in controllers. You don’t need this with the G120.

Have a look here at Newhaven. I have the 4.3" resistive and 5.0" capacitive displays working with a ChipworkX module. They will also work with the G120 but you need to build your own PCB to interface with them. I am working on a board just now for the G120HDR to interface to the 5" display. (still got the touch drivers to finish but the display and backlight is working)

You’ll also need to add a backlight driver of course.


Or you could go ahead and buy the GHI 4.3" and it will plug straight in if you add the sockets to your PCB :slight_smile:

I went custom as I wanted to use a standard FPC cable connection and have a touch screen controller IC on the LCD PCB. I ended up with a cable that can be used with the 4.3 or the 5.0 and if I really wanted to, I can use the 7" displays. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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Hello Dave, i’m tried to find display from Raystar that adviced me from S.B.D but can’t find them in my country. Now i’m looking for another displays and looking to Newhave displays. But don’t understand how G120 will comunicate with this displays. They are all have 24-bit RGB interface, but G120 have 16 bit only. Can you advice me about this things?


Interfacing G120 with 24bit displays you have 2 options:

1- look to see if you can configure the display to work in 16 bit mode via SPI or I2C interface.

2- Connect the G120 MSB to the display MSB. that connect the remaining LSBs to the G120 LSBs. This will let you achieve MAX black color and Max white with minimal color distortion.

Here is how I connect my display to the G120 (Red color example):

(Display Data bit) - (G120 Data bit)

0 - 0
1 - 1
2 - 2
3 - 0
4 - 1
5 - 2
6 - 3
7 - 4


Hello again! I’m received my LCDs (NHD-4.3-480272EF-ATXL#-T) and already connected it to G120 (on FEZ Cobra board). LCD works okay, good resolutions, colors etc. Today i’m trying force to work this touch panel (4 wire), but with no success. I tried simple WPF and Glide. I’m checked my connection, and it seems okay. It seems touch event always pressed in 10-20 on X and 0 on Y, and not releases.

What i’m doing wrong?

Founded some sympthoms! It seems touch always pressed! Working only move event, no touch up or touch down events arrived! :frowning:

It seems P1.0 pin YD doesn’t initialized correctly, here 3.3V on it and never changes. What’s wrong? It.s firmware installed on G120/

Already checked connections three times, all okay, 4 wires it’s not hard for soldering :slight_smile:
I’m removed wires and checked again, that pin still 3.3.

Where can i download latest firmware?

Updated firmware. Same thing. Touch always pressed and i can only move it position. :frowning:

I’m maked little video that demostrate how touch screen works.

In code it seems like: firing touch down event on startup and next firing touch move event every update.

p.s. i have not one display of this model and their behavior is same

XL and YU must have 10kOhm pull down (to GND) on G120 but not on EMX.

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