G120 Bad Memory

I am getting the following error on my G120.

GHI Electronics, LLC
G120™ GHI low-level loader Rev 1.01

Bad Memory Detected!! Please Contact GHI

I would use contact form for this one:

@ Architect - Done. Thanks Architect! Sorry, in a moment of panic I brain farted. Should have realized that.

I have the same message, waiting on a response now.
Was any cause or cure found, or was it a throw-away?

@ C-Born - as Architect said, just go to Contact Us – GHI Electronics and request an RMA. They will ask you to send the module back.

@ High-Speed Dan - Yes, did that over 10 hours ago, still waiting on a response. I figured if the reply is “can’t be fixed, send it back”, then it is good to have that recorded in the forum for the next time it happens to someone.
This is my first G120 (non HDR) going in as a replacement for EMX boards, I have 10 more sitting in my GHI cart waiting to checkout, but i don’t want to commit until I find out if this is a one-off failure or something more.

@ C-Born - it took them a few days to reply to me

Replies should come in one business day. Please let us know if this was different.

24hrs, 13 minutes. Great job!

@ C-Born - We apologize for any inconvenience, we take the needs of our customers very seriously. Your email was received yesterday morning at 8:45 am, the email containing the approved RMA number was sent out this morning at 8:58 am. While 24 hours had passed please keep in mind that we are a typical business open from 9 - 5 and we responded in 8 business hours. We can understand the frustration of “not knowing” even if only for a few hours. We will see what we can do to keep you more informed during the RMA approval process.

@ Gary - I have no problem with the time taken in response, I was merely answering Gus’ request to let him know if >1 day.
In fact I am more than happy with GHI’s responsiveness to their customers needs, and I find the fact that Gus takes the time to personally read and respond to all the community forum postings himself both astounding and refreshing!

Concerning the “Bad memory - contact GHI” message, if the outcome is always “Wait for RMA and return” then if we can have that recorded in the forums it may be of help to others in the future. @ Gus - can you confirm?

In my case had I known this I could have pulled the module and resumed testing with my spare, saving a day. As it was I waited to hear if there were more tests I could do, voltage levels to read, JTAG ports to connect - after all, the module was working well enough to print out its error message, perhaps it could also be persuaded to reveal more information about exactly what memory was at fault. (Flash, SRAM, CPU, internal/external, 1bit/byte/block, etc)

@ C-Born - Thank you for the feed back, we are going to change a few things internally when it comes to the initial RMA request which will address the “email and wait” experience.