G120: Bad Memory...Solved


We have got a “Bad Memory, contact GHI” message on start up of a G120 Module… :frowning:

But the bug is now found:

  1. The G120 EEPROM is attacked to SPI2… which is on PIN19, 20 and 21.
  2. We attached a ADC LTC1864 to the SPI2.
  3. The LTC1864 has no chip select - and it pulls MOSI pin 21 down.
  4. On start up of the G120 the SPI communication to the on board EEPROM is therefore blocked.

So,… bad memory!

SPI chips with out chip select should therefore use SPI1 instead.


they’re probably not really an SPI chip if they don’t have CS. As you can see from Linear’s site, they say “SPI/Microwire Compatible serial I/O”, that’s not the same as saying this is an SPI chip…