G120 Application Deployment

Is it possible to deploy application firmware to G120 via TCP from MFDeploy or Fez Config? Thanks in advance.

MFDeploy has a TCP option, but I’ve never tried it, and it almost certainly is not designed for anything fancy like traversing NATs (e.g., as a general update strategy).

That said, GHI firmware has support for In-Field Updates which might be what you are looking for. See : [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/147/in-field-update[/url]

NETMF is designed to deploy app’s over RS232, USB or TCP.
But GHI dropped support for TCP with introduction of 4.2.
USB/RS232 can be switched by a pin if I remember correctly.

Got it. Thank you all for the reply.

With TCP I’ve downloaded the update file to SD card from a server and then initiated the in field update. That works well. I used an XML file on the server that the device would test for an update or I would send a message to it via SMS.

@ Gus, Can one Device Update another? If I have a G80 and a G210, can I program the G80 to update the firmware of the G120?