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G120 and LCD Pins..can they be used for anything else?


Can i use the LCD pins for anything else? Want to use the LCD from 4D Systems…anyone else use these?

I don’t want to waste these pins if possible.



With “anything else” you mean an other display.
Short answer is: yes
Dave connected a Newhaven display recently (see creations)

the display needs to accept 3V3 signal levels
you need to figure out which pin goes where
you need to find out the correct configuration and set it with FEZConfig

By then the display should work with no difference

btw. You can use the LCD pins also as normal GPIO’s

But when I look at the spec of these ‘displays’ then it tells me that it’s not an ‘stupid’ RGB display.
It has it’s own processor.
I assume you need to program the display processor to do the graphics and communicate to it with your raptor over one of the display interfaces, like I2C or SPI.


Thanks Reinhard, i will probably use the LCD from 4d Systems and use the LCD pins on the G120 for other uses.

The 4D Systems display have their own IDE so you can do some cool things with them, they also support audio,sd card so have many uses.