G120 and Eagle best practices

Quick question on creating Eagle parts and best practices.
I’m creating a G120 based autopilot and want to start laying things up so decided to get my hands dirty and try to create an Eagle part for the first time.
It was actually much easier than i thought to create the layout etc, but now the noob question :slight_smile:
Labeling the pins, should they be for instance “COM2 RXD” or P0_16" or “12” - using say “12” doesn’t stop me from using it now but i just want to start doing things properly before i start trying to turn my spaghetti into something useful :slight_smile:

Usually pins are named according with data sheet, but it is up to you.

@ Architect - Yeah, but in the case of the G120 there are 3 names…

The practice is to have all of them. Like this:


I would think GHI might provide us with this Eagle part ready to drop into any design… ahem.


@ ransomhall - yeah but if i do it now i can get a few test boards back ready for when they hit the store :slight_smile:

@ Architect - Makes sense - thanks.

You are welcome! I would like to add that you can always learn from the best :wink:

Take a look at cobra schematics:


and spider:


@ Architect - lol i actually looked at them after your comments :wink:

Note that the A/B/C convention might apply in some cases, but in others, not so much. Pin 33 of the STM32F405 used in the Cerberus family, for example, would have to be named PB12/SPI2_NSS/I2S2_WS/I2C2_SMBA/USART3_CK/TIM1_BKIN/CAN2_RX/OTG_HS_ULPI_D5/ETH_RMII_TXD0/ETH_MII_TXD0/OTG_HS_ID/EVENTOUT. Add to that whatever functions/names GHI added to the pin, and you can see it’s beyond unreasonable. In that case, I’d name it PB12 and keep the datasheet handy.

When this were going in a custom board, I would give the NET a useful name and label according to the particular use in the specific project.


@ godefroi - Good points, thanks


I am hoping GHI will provide us with an eagle part for the G120. This would be logical and save us a design cycle due to a layout issue attempting to match the module.

GHI is showing pictures of the “production G120” in thread http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8274.

If you are a commercial customer, I would give GHI a call and see what they could do for you.

We will but after we test everything 1 million times :slight_smile: this is premium.

@ Gus - a million times isn’t exactly a lot of testing these days. Okay then…one…hundred…BILLION TIMES!

@ Justin - I suppose you got the G120 package for eagle … then it is possible share this part with all of us :)))

In any way

@ PepLluis - send me an email Justin at ingenuitymicro dot com and I will send you it.

Just because it might save me some work :wink:
Does anyone have already an Eagle package for the G120HDR SOM?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - yup, send me an email…

@ Justin - May I ask for G120 package also? Thx