G-120 Internal Flash Storage

We have spent days on saving the data to internal flash storage by using WeakRefernceExtender. It works everytime when the data size is less than 128K. When data size is over 128K, the saving function failed everytime . As my understanding, there are two flash storage setion A and B on the module and each size is 128K. We should be able to save the data up to 256K. How to save the data over 128K? Is there a way to control which storage sector to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EWR is only meant to be used to store configuration, couple kb maybe. Anyway, the max size is the one region size not both.

Hi Gus, Thank you for the answer. Yes 100K+ is a lot for the configuration. Tried not to use sd card if it is possible. Based on the data size, we may have to go that way.

On the note of internal storage, is there a way to do a calculation and store the result without that result leaving the die of the micro controller?

@ Mr. John Smith - You probably want a new thread for this, but if you mean specifically for the G120 (or other boards with external RAM and flash), then the answer is probably, “no, not without RLP”).

With something like Cerb, obviously, you get that automatically :slight_smile: