Future of Skewworks

As a company Skewworks officially went out of business 2 months ago owing to a lot of uncollected debts from contract work (and boy do I mean large sums).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of Skewworks now that I’m back to being a fulltime employee. Some of you may remember Skewworks started as nothing more than a project blog for my embedded works (FPGA, Arduino, NETMF), grew to sell NETMF components and then into a full consulting company.

I’m toying around with the idea of taking Skewworks back to a blog. But I’ve also been sitting on the domains for EmbeddedIdea for about a year and a half, which I think I might use to sell full products designed to work on embedded systems or multiple platforms (like embedded, phone, etc).

Whether I put it under Skewworks or EmbeddedIdea, I’m looking at 4 initial offerings. Any feedback on the offers and name usage would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

A pro version of the GHI BIOS I offer on NuGet for free, BIOS Fire will support additional devices and much greater visual customization.

A rebranded version of my Win8 app (HTCinema) this app works with Windows 8+ tablets, desktops and phones to create a full in-home movie theater experience. You can set a logo, intros, coming soon trailers, etc. The app also syncs with IMDB to automatically get information about your [il]legal digital movies so you can sort, search and set locks based on ratings.

With a second device on wi-fi, you can remotely queue up movies, set start times, and control whatever is currently playing.

This is a rather large undertaking, that I’m a bit nervous about. I know I can get it done, it’s just a question of whether or not it will be used.

embeddedSocial is a universal tool reached via SOAP with optional push notifications. You can use it to control users, notifications, achievements, messaging, etc. Since it’s SOAP (and therefore usable by pretty much anything that can connect to the internet) it really opens doors to work between products and platforms. Users on EmbeddedIdea forums could see and interact with users on a NETMF device that connected to embeddedSocial.

Based off my current updater this version would again be universal with SOAP calls. Setup multiple products and update lines. Integrate directly with BIOS Fire and embeddedSocial. Different wrappers would be available for specific uses, for example a GHI flavor would allow you to download and then immediately install updates.


Man I am sorry to hear this! You are one VERY talented person and I am glad to have met you!

I sure wish things have turned out differently for you. I wish you the very best in your next endeavor.

Thanks man! It may nit have worked out but it was worth it. I’m still going to keep doing NETMF stuff and offering products / services on the side.

@ Skewworks - sorry to hear this but I am not worried as you are a very smart and talented developer. I am sure you will find your $1M idea one day. Let us know if we can help somehow.

Sorry to hear of this but I am afraid it is a common issue for small businesses. Being a very smart and talented developer, I am sure you will bounce back again.

One thought, if you do use Skewworks again, the community will remember your ability!

All best for the future.

That’s why I was thinking to keep Skewworks for all my open source stuff.

@ Skewworks - As Nicolas Cage said in Lord of War: Always have a fool proof way of getting paid. Sorry to hear about the company. I say sell the debts to a debt collector.

for that embedded social thing, can you use the new http 3.0 thing?

I don’t know if it is exactly called http 3.0 but there was something new which is even better than http < 3.0

in no time we can have super agent Bluetooth “phones” that message people. Like the phone in zoolander

Congrats on the new job! Sorry to hear about the old one. Something awesome will come your way eventually. It always does for those that keep trying. I agree with MrJS. If you don’t have lawyers involved then at least sick a debt collector after the dirt bags.

I say stick with Skewworks. Its already got a good reputation and its unique and search engine friendly. Searching for “Embedded Idea” isn’t ever going to get you found. But, it might help out this guy…



For the record. I have always thought Skewworks was one of the best company names ever. Stick with it.

Thanks for the support and feedback, everyone! :slight_smile:

Stick with Skewworks it is. I have the first couple of things out by June (as long as I can get the site updated in time as well).

The new updater and extended BIOS should both be available before I return from LA at the end of this week.

I’d like to put together another big project for the GHI community. If the past I’ve done Pyxis, Gadgetos, Tinkr, PNG decoder, Lucid (cerb + oled), Twitter, etc.

What would we like to see next? RLP graphics? An new open sourced OE (like Pyxis)? Push notification service? Online services? Something else entirely?

@ Skewworks - I have always wanted to see box 2d ported using rlp :slight_smile:

Implement a UI system that allows developers to leverage their bootstrap skills to make UIs. Markup UIs seem to be popular these days.

RLP graphics or RLP video player.

@ Skewworks - Happens to me all the time - late payments. I know how that feels. Maybe you should check, if there are any IoT accelerators near you. At least you could establish a new company and sign-up for Microsoft Biz-Spark, to get your dev-tools for the next years for free. Especially with what you are doing, it should be not a big problem. Good luck!

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@ Skewworks - is there a page somewhere that shows all different controls available in Tinkr now? I’m probably going to use it in a project I’m working on but I can’t remember exactly what all it contains. In particular, does it happen to have the Windows Phone style number picker where you touch a number and then you can scroll a stack of numbers up and down? If not, then consider this a feature request. :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Tinkr doesn’t but the NuGet control set has a datetime picker that works that way. There’s a lot more I can do with that package if I go back to GUI again. Seeing what everyone wants. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re referring to.

I have a collection of GUI stuff for NETMF on NuGet. But the style you wanted is only up for the date and time pickers anyway.

You can see the whole collection I have here:

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