Fun gadget for my Christmas wishlist


I don’t know what I would do with it, but it just seems cool.


your very own data in spaaaaaaaaaaaace… very cool. pretty reasonable subscription rates, assuming your not streaming pictures of aliens.

I have an entire cabinet of “…but it just seemed cool.”


Tempting though isn’t it? :whistle:

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This! ^^^

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Just checking my remote locations map (Denmark). And I still have to find a place where a GSM modem would not work with an antenna.

I guess you should check your country-code before investing… :wink:

But can you launch your high altitude balloon from denmark and have it circle the globe using a gsm modem?

Yip. Right here in Indonesia is a prime example for this technology. I have remote loggers located in Kalimantan that have very poor GSM coverage. This satellite modem would be ideal for this.

Somebody must believe that it’s needed, or that SpaceX launch yesterday of 11 M2M satellites was completely unnecessary. OrbComm’s whole business model seems to revolve around planet-wide seamless telemetry.

I just read that the people that bought the entire Iridium system (after the original company went bankrupt in 1999) including all the satellites (66 active, with some spares parked dormant in orbit to replace future failures… there were 95 launches in total) and all the infrastructure, over $6 billion worth of equipment originally, for just $35 million in 2001.

The company had 611,000 subscribers as of the end of December 2012 (compared to 523,000 in December 2011). Revenue for the full year 2012 was US $383.5 million with operational EBITDA of US $250.7 million (just 1 year!)

Pretty good investment, I would say.