Full .Net on OSD3358

One of the nicest things about the OSD3358 boards is the ability to use full .net (including tasks, web services, https, pinvoke for hardware access, and more). Installing mono is one way to get started with .net on the OSD3358 (.net core is another way but I haven’t played with that yet).

Unfortunately, the instructions on the Mono web site don’t work for the supported OSD3358 image from beagleboard.org. So I wrote up some instructions for getting mono installed and running on the OSD3358 : [url]http://kb.pervasive.digital/Home/Detail/installing-mono-on-the-octavo-or-beaglebone[/url]

You can even build and compile mono programs on a Windows or Linux desktop system, and run the resulting .exe files on the OSD3358. Mono generates truly portable MSIL assemblies. Supposedly, you can create winforms programs and Qt programs, but I haven’t hooked up a screen yet nor gotten my hands on a dev board so I haven’t tested that yet.


Actually, I still haven’t given up on running .net corefx on the beagle bone black. Just need to setup a debian box and compile it :frowning:

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Just took a stroll through .Net Core - looks like a daunting task (to say the least) to bring that to a new cpu architecture.

It looks like Samsung has joined the .Net Foundation, specifically to bring .Net Core to ARM. I’m happy to leave it to them.


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