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FTP Client For FEZ Spider


Good Day All,

I just purchased the FEZ Spider starter kit and am having lots of fun. I’m trying to connect the Ethernet J11D module so that I can FTP a file to a FTP server. I’m able to assign a static IP number to the module and all seems well, but now I don’t know where to go to setup the FTP client on the spider.

Any help would be appreciated


Welcome to the forum.

There is an FTP Client included in the NETMF framework.
See the NETMF SDK API docs (downloadable from for more information.
You also can search codeshare on the GHI website for “+FTP +client”


Thanks for the reply. For some reason I can’t seem to locate the NETMF namespace.

I’m using Visual Studio 2012 and my main board is a FEZ Spider using version 4.2.

I’m new at this so I will keep looking.


You have to add the reference to the right assembly.
Should be “System.Ftp”


I finally figured out where to add the assemblies. Thanks for the suggestion.