FSAE in Michigan next week

Hey Gus and everyone.

I’ve been a longtime lurker on these forums. I’m on the MS&T Formula SAE race team. We are using the FEZ Domino on our car to prototype a couple of CAN features. We’ll be competing at Michigan International Speedway all next week. Come out and take a look!


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Would it be possible for you to share some pics or documentation? Would love to see more info.

Have fun at the race :wink:

This is very cool. The website says no schedule http://www.mispeedway.com/Events/Formula-SAE.aspx Can you please point us to where to find more information please?

Glad your are interested!

The competition website it: http://students.sae.org/competitions/formulaseries/fsae/
I just check at SAE has the site down for maintenance. Poor timing, I know. You can also checkout our team site: http://fsae.mst.edu

Here is a quick diagram of the system. The transceiver is a MCP2551 from Microchip. Our future goal is to use a system on module with the USBizi chip, our circuit board and the Wi-fly built in. We’re having fun with it. Getting real-time telemetry from the car is essential to motor health, and increased efficiency with on-track testing.

Awsome, more NETMF stuff going on at S&T!

(Jeff Birt from EMGT and ECE departments)

Then event guide is linked below.


Poking in to say that I can help with NETMF stuff on site if you need. Sophomore, CompE MS&T. If you ever see the guy on the white and black Giant racing bike zooming through campus that’s me. I also live next door to the FSAE building…

PS: I’m also on the HPV team as “the” electronics engineer. “The” as in, singular.

@ sıɹɥɔ
I may have to take you up on that. Feel free to drop by the shop whenever. We are in “prep” mode and will be open 24 hours until we depart Monday.

I’ll be around when I come back to S&T for the Fall semester. I waved the HPV guys off to competition and then pretty much left. I’ve been fielding electronics calls from them all day :wink:

Can you say what your first name is? I’m wondering if I know you…


I did the wiring for Baja as well.