Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer

0.8 Inch 4 Digit 16 Segment Alphanumeric Displays

I have a few left from the first run so first in first served :slight_smile:

Socket Type: S or Y
256 Levels of brightness
Supports static text with the options of left,centre, and right justification.
Scrolling text with variable speed rate.
Chain able.

1x $18 ea
2x $17 ea
3x $16 ea
4+ $15 ea

If interested or any questions send an email to justin at ingenuitymicro dot com


Sweet, my order is in!!! Those are going to add a definite touch of class to some of my projects.

I’m up for 4 of em please.

I love those. Good idea

@ Justin - those are awesome!

@ taylorza - Cheers fella - they look much better/brighter in the flesh - my phone camera really doesn’t do them justice…

tweeted :slight_smile:

Justin, these are really cool. I think you have a winner. Can I assume you’ll be keeping them in stock? I definitely see a few in my future but I’m going to delay my pleasure if possible. Too many projects in progress at the moment…

great looking and useful module - awesome

@ ianlee74 - Yes I will be keeping them in stock.

@ Justin - You should add your module(s) to the Community Offers page on the wiki:

@ devhammer - Good point - thanks for the reminder.

Here’s another reminder :smiley:

@ mhectorgato - yeah yeah…busy… :smiley: