Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 07 - LED Level

Quick - get in before Duke sees them and snaps them all up!

18 LED’s to show level info.
Socket X

Simple as this

ledLevelSetLevel(18); // sets all leds upto the specified index
ledLevel.SetLed(5); // sets a single led at the specified index;
ledLevel.Cylon(4,200); // You can guess

You know i had to do it… :smiley:

justin at ingenuitymicro dot com


Love it. especially the .Cylon :slight_smile:

Cool module!

How much is the postage to the US?

@ Justin - Great stuff as usual. Will have to save my pennies so I can pick up a few of these…

@ Mike - nothing for you as I’m sending you a buzzer :wink: - normally $10

Great. I would like two of these modules. Please send payment info to miker at cranbury .-.-.- com.

What colour/s do you want Mike?


The one in the picks is 9 green, 4 yellow, 3 orange, 2 red.

I like the the one with 9 green, 4 yellow, 3 orange, 2 red. That is great for meters.

Do colour leds work in the USA? :slight_smile:

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No they come out Monochrome 500 miles west of Greenwich… :smiley:

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Heck ya I’m ordering some of these as the coolness factor is off the freaking chart, what project wouldn’t be cooler with one of these? I’d like some of the gauge layout as they are just a natural and how can I resist a red Cylon as I already have a couple ideas for projects where its the deal maker.

Great stuff!

What’s a cylon :smiley:

Another great one. Keep 'em coming!

now where did I put that master list of Justin’s modules again? Hmm, can’t seem to find it :wink:

Although I assume you’re kidding, just in case…


No kidding. The sole public tv channel never ran that one in my country, I’ve been completely missing out all these years. Sad but true.

Nice! I’ll take a red one, just let me know the payment info! hossrod at gmail com

Money sent!

I got mine today (woot!). I hope I’m not being a total noob here, but where do I get the drivers for this?