Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 06

It goes Beep…
It can even go Beep Beep

Pretty self explanatory really :smiley:

Simple as this:

 _buzzer.Buzz(); // default simple buzz 100ms
 _buzzer.BuzzMultiple(2,50,50); // 2 buzz's 50ms long 50ms apart
 _buzzer.BuzzMultiple(3, 300 , 500); // 3 buzz's 300ms long 500ms apart

X Socket - $5.95ea

If you can guess what the Morse code says email justin at ingenuitymicro dot com your answer before the end of the weekend and i will send one (un)lucky punter a free one :smiley:


Nice little module Justin, Great for audio feedback on errors etc.

Thanks Hugh.

So far one correct email for the morse code :slight_smile:

Love it. How do I get few of these?


2 Chickens and a sack of spuds…


Another correct email for the morse code :smiley:

One thing about Gadgeteer I’ve never understood is why did it take so long for someone to come up with a buzzer module. I’ll be adding this to my order Justin, thanks.

Gus, just few? you know you’ll need more than few to create an Orchestra :slight_smile:

We had a competition and even submitted it to GHI.

And that is what makes it even weirder that I couldn’t buy a buzzer module, even after a competition to design one was held. It was like a bunch of prototypes were submitted, everyone went to the bar to celebrate, and then they just left and all the buzzers were left at the bar and no one cared. There was no push to get it over the goal line and out the door after marching all the way down the field.

Another correct Morse email :slight_smile:

Ahead of its time… think of the $$ I would have made if this went to production. Justin’s does looks much more polished.


Very nice, Justin! If you haven’t already shipped my order, add one of these in there too :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - go to bed… :smiley:

What a buzzkill

Is the module build in a way that it could also be used to detect sound?

@ ianlee74 - alas no…funny you say that tho, as soon as I showed a workmate the Morse code he asked about automatically reading it back…

Too bad there wasn’t enough entries but we should bring the contests back since the community has grown much since then.

Funny. That’s exactly what I had in mind :wink:

It sounds like it’s time for a revision :wink: