Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 05 - BeamBreaker

By golly it’s Friday already.

This week it’s BeamBreaker.

Name says it all really…Using a Sharp IR sensor with a 10mm gap

Socket: X


Usual deal justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

And yes the hi tech stick has a mind of it’s own :smiley:


@ Justin you are a Gadgeteer Module making MACHINE!!! Nice to know I can get a weekly Gadgeteer Module fix, looks like a gotta have for my Gadgeteer toolkit.

I like this one. Simple, small and so usefull in many projects.

I have an idea for your (or one of the other disigners) next module. I do not actually need it, but I have it on many devices and I did not see it yet amoung the designed modules. It’s a rotary switch like this I like these switches to increment or decrement the settings of of a device which are shown on a display.

@ RoSchmi - Hi Roland, so basically you just want a rotary up/down counter type thing or do you want to sense position?

HI, the switches I mean only make up and down - as i think -. For example the 12 contacts are connected to three inputs. If you turn the knob you make your interrupt and so you can see wether you turn right or left. Then for each step you increment or decrement the value for example of a setting. I think this is alwas a better solution than a potentiometer as you have no trouble with bad contacts and drifting resistance.

Will have a look at it - was thinking about a iPhone like touch wheel but both couple work.

You mean like this Gadgeteer Rotary Encoder Module from SolderMonkey at

There are a ton of cool modules out there, sometimes you just need to know where to look, but when your a module junkie like me you don’t leave too many stones unturned.

This module of Justin’s is just the latest to get added to my tool kit.

@ Duke Nukem - yes, that´s it, thank you. Sorry, that I could not help with a new idea.

Another very nice one! Too bad the shipping is so high. I’m going to wait till you have a couple more then order them all at once for my next order. It would be nice if GHI could re-sale some of these and combine shipping :wink:

Any measurements regarding the frequency it can measure?

@ ianlee74 - I will get a drill with a disc or something on it and try it out…
Is it shipping cost or Tax / Import duties that is the issue?

Just the shipping cost. We don’t have import taxes in the U.S. The shipping cost isn’t bad. I just hate to pay more for the shipping than the module. Makes more sense to wait and order many items together than to make a weekly order. You need to get your site up & running. I’m losing track of what all you have to offer :wink:

No apology needed, Gadgeteer is all about ideas and improvement of existing ideas. I spend a lot of time trying to keep up with module makers and guys like @ Justin make it fun as a new module a day keeps the boredom away :slight_smile: When I look at all these cool modules, I get ideas as to what I can build, and how easy it is to build those ideas into real functional devices, this is why I love Gadgeteer as compared to things like Raspberry Pi.

I have to admit that I did a search on “how big is 10mm” and when it said about the size of a marble, well then I had about 20 ideas of mable machines racing through my head.

@ ianlee74 - so am i :smiley:

Site is coming…honest…

Drill was pretty flat…

Nice :slight_smile:

Nice. It looks like it was just counting. Did you get a measure in terms of measurements/sec?

@ ianlee74 - nope, its just an inturrpt so it should be fairly quick