Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 04 - Seven Segment Display

Yes it’s Friday again :slight_smile:

0.5inch Seven segment 2 digit displays this week.

Socket: S or Y

Chain able for really big numbers with jumper pins/blocks…

Usual price $8ea but since it’s the silly season and even tho i dont believe in Santa… $5ea in Red
If i get enough interest i will do Green at $5ea and Blue at $6ea

Driver allows setting of 8bit display level, decimal places and -

Usual story - justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

Note: they need to be supplied with external 5v

- YouTube Gadgeteer Seven Seg Big - YouTube


I like that joining pin as it lets me build pretty much exactly what I need. I’ll be picking up some Red and Blue ones. Very slick @ Justin.

EDIT - (OK the Green has grown on me, looking to get some of those as well)

Sexy! Is there any brightness control?

@ ianlee74 - yup - 256 levels - first video kind of shows that - the value displayed is the brightness level.

In the first vid he has them dimming and the AlphaNumerics that I picked up from @ Justin had a brightness control in those as well.

@ Justin have you updated the third party wiki Home - GHI Electronics with all your recent modules? I want to toss in a couple of your Connect and Servotidy modules with this order.

Is it actually dimming or is that just the camera? It looks like he didn’t do anything different that would have caused that dimming.

Its dimming. With the AlphaNumeric at full power I had aircraft landing in my backyard so dimming was a nice touch as my neighbors were complaining about the noise :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - yes brightness is being controlled via a pot in the first vid

@ Duke Nukem - lol

Cool! Thanks.

Just sent you an email :wink:

Are you also offering the jumpers?

Yup, comes with headers and jumpers installed