Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 03 - ServoTidy


For people that don’t like soldering irons :slight_smile:

Use: Socket P

Pins 7,8,9 broken out to pin header to allow RC Servos to be plugged in directly.
Servos have their own power connection with red power LED.

Pins 3 and 6 are broken out to pin headers with user selectable 3v or 5v power via a jumper also with red power LED.

$5.95ea including the Servo power lead.

Questions and orders to justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

Video shows 3 RC Servo on 7,8,9 and a Sharp IR sensor on Pin 3

That would be me. Now I have to go and get some RC Servos to play with, but that is what I love about gadgeteer, it just keeping getting so easy to do different things that I just don’t have any excuses left not to go and do it.

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@ Duke Nukem - lol - classic pic

It’s the pinky sticking out on the soldering iron hand that makes the pic for me…have to use proper etiquette when holding your iron. Don’t grip it like a club!

Might have a need for this module … what is the IR connected to?

One of the non-PWM (analogue) pins?

pins 3,6 7,8,9 are hooked up.

I’ve tested this and can testify to the fast prototyping qualities of it - it’s truly plug&play! :slight_smile: Great little module.

Is there a driver for this module or do you just use the Extender driver?

I just used an extender driver for it

@ Justin - It seems that your labels on the 5V vs. 3V3 are reversed on the jumper.