Friday Gadgeteer Module Offer 02

DiscoCircles – in Gucci Black

6 Individually addressable RGB LEDs in a circle
Each colour has 8 bit resolution for 24 bit 16 million colours per LED
Chainable via 0.1 inch headers – you can choose either no headers, straight or right angled

$8 ea

Socket: S or Y
Size: 42mm x 42mm
If interested or any questions send an email to justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

Again, poor old camera doesn’t do their glowie brightness justice.

Sorry @ DukeNukem nothing new for you to see – move along :smiley:


I like it

It going to be a fun Holiday Season with all these new modules to experiment with. Every new module just means you can do even more with Gadgeteer, what a rush.

I like the logo!