Frequency Measurement

What would you folks recommend as a reliable and simple frequency measurement circuit that could interface easily with the EMX/USBizi?

I want to measure the frequency of a 3 phase alternator and translate that to RPM’s. I thought I would use the pulse counter ability decribed in:

I need to find a good method to deliver the pulses from the 3 phase output of the altenrator. The alternator operates in the 10-15k rpm range so a pretty high freqency.

Thanks -AP

A $0.20 PIC10 maybe? or you are asking software?

Hardware. I should probably take apart a DMM and see what it uses to measure frequency. I simply want to count the peaks of the AC sinusoidal wave.

I found this…


The easiest way to measure frequency is a frequency → voltage convertor
[url]Voltage to Frequency Converters | Analog Devices

You can do it with a low pass filter but its a bit crass ( rough )

Cheers Ian