Freescale's new industrial touchscreen tech even works in the rain

Looks like they’re right up our alley :wink:

Gus, can you get these?

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I am sure we can.

I dont think these are “TouchScreens”. I mean they don’t sit on top of the LCD. These are for touch sense surfaces like panel buttons or PCB based CapSense surfaces.

That’s one interpretation - I was envisioning printing an interface (buttons) on a thin piece of lexan or acrylic (or even vinyl) and overlaying it, instead of making dedicated hardware buttons. I was more interested since they are waterproof than for them being an actual LCD touchscreen.

Would be curious to see how much they cost.

Have you seen GMod’s keypad?

Yep, I have - good looking module. I was thinking this would be similar but may be more flexible depending on application.

It’s funny, I use one of Freescale’s captouch chips on my module… :slight_smile:

But if you want to go with an MCU based solution then why not Microchip? Work got me a kit this week, will be investigating doing our own cap-touch screen at work…

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