Freescale Warp - $149 open-source Android for wearable

More CES goodness:

I so hope MS gets their act together … there are more and more low cost competitors coming on. I love NETMF/Gadgeteer, but these projects (like the Edison/Quark) are showing what can be done.

Since it’s running Android, I would imagine that you could use Xamarin (formerly MonoTouch) and still partly stay in the MS world.

[quote]Warp includes the following elements: Freescale’s i.MX 6SoloLite ARM Cortex-A9 processor as the core processing unit, its Xtrinsic MMA9553 pedometer, the FXOS8700 electronic compass, and a secondary ARM-based processor, Freescale’s Kinetis KL16 microcontroller for handling sensor data and wireless charging. The design runs version 4.3 of Google’s Android operating system.

Warp is an open-source hardware project detailed at, where the company hopes a community of users will exchange ideas and offer support. Revolution Robotics and Kynetis are involved in the hardware and software design, Freescale said.[/quote]

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