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Free size Panda II


I am going to buy Panda II.

I have prepared project which in bin/Release has files showed in attachment.

Since Panda II has 148 KB for user application how much will be free?
What files are uploaded to Panda II and what files are already there?


I’ve always assumed firmware up. So all assemblies hooked up to your project are in the 148k so in your example only 81k of the 148k is used.

I might be wrong

Cheers Ian


Look in your output folder and add up all files.

I wouldn’t worry about flash size as I have never seen anyone say they have run out of space on FEZ Panda (USBizi chipset)


Thank You very much for answers.

I have summed it up and it is 36kB so It seems that I don’t have to worry about.