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Free sample module headers from samtec


Not sure why I didn’t post this sooner for all you module builder types… someone asked in another thread, so I thought I should make it a little easier to find here.

I got 10 socket samples from SAMTEC for free. Part # SHF-105-01-L-D-XX, where XX is below. Not sure what minimum order volume is, but I got the impression it would be ‘in bulk’ from the site.

TH for the through hole version.
SM for surface mount,
RA for right angle.

They even paid for super fast shipping from someplace in the US. I got them next day!


In the mail today, I received 10 through-hole and 10 surface mount connectors. Thanks for tipping me off to these guys in that other thread.

I never thought I’d see the day, but I think the surface mount ones would actually be easier to install than the through-hole. Those pins are tiny and very closely spaced.

They shipped them to me VERY quickly.

For folks looking to prototype things, the GHI extender module is definitely the way to go. It’s breadboard friendly. The Samtec stuff is really only usable for those of us considering creating DIY kits of one type or another.



When I saw they had a TH version, I got excited, hoping the pins would be not just a mirror of the spacing in the header. I ignored the datasheet on purpose ???

Ah well, time to bust out my magnifying bench lamp and super fine pitch solder tip. I need to design a module board to put these on first! The extender module will do fine in the meantime.


We have cooked something new for those DYI people that will be available next week. I hope you will like it.

It is a prototyping board with gadgeteer connector plus many other uses!


Oh no … there we go …

…more stuff on the way…


Awesome, Gus. I’ll take the lot :wink:


Is this the “something that will help” that you referred to here?


No it is not related to fez ant


So we’ll pester Dat on that, then? :wink: