Free music albums in Windows Store

Get 10 of the top albums of 2015 in the Windows Store for free

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Thanks! If nothing else, the pic of Selena Gomez was worth the click :wink:

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@ Architect - I must be getting old. I have listened to exactly none of those artists, and I’ve only heard of one of them (the aforementioned Ms. Gomez). :open_mouth:

US only

Don’t click to much you will break it. ;D

@ devhammer - Me too.

She’s not a kid anymore!

Now that I’ve seen that pic of Ms. Gomez, my opinion of her has diminished. I was hoping for better things than that for her.


Don’t click to much you will break it. ;D[/quote]

Or go blind… :smiley:

You have noticed that he is wearing dark glasses in his avatar so it may be too late to advise him of this?


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