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Free FEZ Rhino and pre-orders!


Congratulations Foekie for being the first FEZ Master! You have earned yourself a free FEZ Rhino. Note that no one has this board yet, not even Microsoft. You are truly the first one outside GHI to get one :smiley:

bstag also gets one for giving us the awesome name.

We will have the display expansion production samples next week so if you want to buy those to give your Rhino some graphics you will be able to. If you do not care for graphics then you get yours now. Send us an email to where you want it shipped.

For users level “FEZ Minor” or more, we have more Rhinos shipping next week. If you want one then you can reserve one by sending an email to GHI asking for one. We only have VERY VERY few samples! The Rhino price is same as Domino, ONLY $75 :smiley: The display expansion will be ins stock soon and the price is online now, $49.95 for the expansion boards + display + cable. Unfortunately, we will not have the custom enclosure for another month.

If you are still newbie then you have to wait till Rhino is in full production, sorry :frowning:


Had I waited a week longer before ordering my Domino I would have reserved a Rhino now :smiley:


Gonna wait till next week when the display stuff is in.


When will the Wiznet modules be ready?

will you be offering the W5100 and the W5500(?) or just the W5100?


I was thinking about the Wiznet chip that supported 8 sockets instead of the 4 of the W5100. But the larger chip I believe only has a paralell lnterface. Too many pins…


We are still trying to find a good source for these. Bit those modules are available everywhere on the web if you can’t wait.

We will only support W5100. Adding extra work to support anything else would be pointless and using resources. W5100 is very comment and available everywhere.

If networking provided by W5100 is not enough then FEZ Cobra is what you need :wink:


Is the supportfor the W5100 already in the software or is it coming soon?


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

WOW!!! I feel like a very lucky guy! Thanks a lot crew! I will have a lot a fun with it! 8) :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:


Damn, if I just had stayed home from Oshkosh I would have been the first. Oh well, Congrats Foekie! ;D


Hahaha I did not knew we were in a contest :smiley:

I will wait a bit before ordering, I am waiting on how the display looks.
Would it be possible to send the missing sensors from the $500 contest too in one shipment?


Yeah, I wasn’t about to start posting for no reason to catch up or anything, but I was 99% sure GHI was going to give something away to celebrate the first FEZ master. :wink:

Gus, are you going to sell a version of the Rhino with the Wiznet module presoldered? I though you were, but then I looked again and noticed that it was only the module you were selling. I don’t have a problem soldering stuff, but it might be nice if there was one less thing that had to be ordered separately.


We are not done placing ever details on the website. Soldered/unsoldered is not very important now…the product is till not available :wink: We will figure something pout when ti is time.


I’ll be ordering when the displays are ready.
Hopefully you’ll have some left.


Is the pricing going to change for “real” production boards not the “first wave” ones?


No price change. Also, we haven’t seen any problems with the samples so far so nothing will change on production boards.