Fourth Preview of TinyCLR OS Core Features

I uploaded the binaries for the CERB40 from micropython master at

Easiest way to try is putting the CERB40 into DFU mode and upload the firmware.dfu file.

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I am experiencing a breaking change between preview 0.3.0 and 0.4.0 centered around GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Storage.Streams APIs. Here is what I have noticed when an upgrade from 0.3.0 was done:

  • The Buffer class no longer have an overloaded constructor that accepts a byte array
  • The Buffer class no longer as a property called Data that holds the buffered data.
  • InputStream.Read method now returns an IBuffer instead on an integer.

With that being said, should one be implementing the IBuffer to account for these changes?

@ kirklynk - there will be breaking changes until but the beta stage. We are in early preview stage still.

Are you trying to use a serial port?

@ kirklynk - IBuffer and Buffer are low level primitives in the UWP API. They’re not meant to be used or consumed directly, but if you must, take a look at the WindowsRuntimeExtensions namespace. The easier way to use serial is through the DataReader and DataWriter APIs introduced in the most recent release and shown in the release notes at SerialExample.cs · GitHub

Regarding breaking changes, until we reach 1.0 breaking changes will happen as we develop a complete API and are explicitly allowed by SemVer. See Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 | Semantic Versioning

Yes, I have a few projects where I am using the serial ports to communicate with Bluetooth, ESP8266, and a few other serial devices. This is not a big deal for me, I do anticipate there will be breaking changes as you and your team work on getting TinyCLR OS mature enough to make a beta product. I was just taking this preview for a spin and provide any feedback as needed.

@ John - Thank you and keep up the great work. Will test this later on tonight.

Is this assembly size? Can I finally stop living in fear that adding one more line of code will force me to split the assembly again? I’m kidding a little, but it is really annoying that the actual size of an assembly is somewhat hidden. So you never really know how big something is until you hit the limit, which is also not really known.

No. This is the amount of RAM that you can allocate in a single “new”, not the flash size.

@ mmmtang - @ Mike is correct. That specific item is just what you can allocate with “new”.

@ John - Can the TonyCLR be used with the FEZ Spider Starter Kit?

Spider II only as of now

@ GHI can we make sure extended keyboard keys and support for the Rio keyboard/touchpad make it into the final version?

@ Skewworks - new projects?

@ Gus - Backlogged ones actually. I’ve got this really cool prop made with GHI equipment but this specific keyboard stuff has held me back.

I tried to create my on driver for the Rii using a USB sniffer but no luck. This particular keyboard is needed for the form factor.

For the extended keys…man I’ve just been wanted those for a long time. There’s a lot I could with that.

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@ Gus -

Is there a plan to support the FEZ Spider Starter Kit with the TonyCLR and VS 2017 in the near future?

@ mtmolina - absolutely :slight_smile:

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@ Gus - When ? When ? When ?