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Found while cleaning the basement


these are Z80 CPU/SIO boards from the early 80s I got them from a book and record store I worked at long ago check out the hand wiring


That’s a loooot of chips!


A $1 chip is now more powerful than all these chips. Makes me think what will happen in 30 years. I am happy I was born at a perfect tech stage. I got to see b&w tvs, got to see landline getting installed at home, got to hold the monster heavy first cell and car cell …


Can you port NETMF on it? :slight_smile:


Surely we are in nice world of technology where we are not required to discover but to enhance our ability. Technology has now become small but with better results…


I am glad to see that I am not the only one that hand wires to solve issues after pcb production :wink:


Get to see the first computer you worked on used as the command console of a space ship in a grade c science fiction movie…

Get to enter a program into vacuum tube computer by punching each bit into a punch card one by one…


Reminds me of the times when I started with microprocessors in 1976 on a SC/MP 1MHz processor, to be programmed in machine language. Persistent storage was an audio tape coupled with an acoustic coupler, printer was a LO 15 teletype.


Maaaan I still work on stuff that looks pretty similar to that Z80 board. This product is actually controlled by a 386 and DOS 6.22… but the look is similar. And as far as the airline support equipment industry goes it’s not at all that uncommon.


This was from a system Called Byron custom made book and record store management system If I recall correctly these boards had I/O ports connected to a MUX that connect the dumb terminals and line printers to the main system we had at one point around 200 connections to 9 stores and a warehouse all gone now as no one buys records or books anymore. It was a great place to work and when they went under we had a closing party and I snagged these and the Neon sign. The Store was Olsson’s Books and Records in Washington DC




6510… weeks for creating just 1 screen and handling the inputs, compare this to now… i loved the hard way… but then again… today is slightly more productive, no?