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Please, can the forum stop redirecting you to the /forum/when the session has expired ?

There are a couple of scenarios i find that behaviour disconcerting. I open the forum, there’s lots of new posts flagged. I go get a coffee, do whatever, eventually get back to read the forum. I click the sub-forum or post i want to look at, and end up back at the main forum page - it’s forced me back there.

I use tabbed browsing a lot. I have a particular post on a particular topic open in a tab next to my general forum one - i want to refer to it while i’m testing something. I close browser, saving tabs. Reopen browser later, and restore my tabs. The post i wanted to see is redirected to the forum home page.

Please can you look at making it behave a little differently?


The noisy wheel gets the oil?


so you think i’m noisy ? :slight_smile: hope not ! Seriously hope not.

Just wanna tell you what a pain i find it. And it’s not a “common” practice that I’ve seen.


It’s just a saying; when your vocal, you usually get results. If you’ve noticed, you got results! :wink: Not to mention it was late and I used “greasy” instead of “noisy” … Haha

Thanks for the suggestion (it secretly annoyed me too) !