Forum Rendering Bug?

I’ve run into this a couple of times, where I’ll click on a thread in the unread posts view, and the screen returned to me has no posts, just the header and footer (see image).

Is this a known issue? It’s happened several times over the last couple of minutes, but it seems to happen only inconsistently.

Seen this when I click back button on chrome.

@ Gus - Sorry…should have noted browser and version…I’m on IE 10 on the Windows 8 Release Preview.

But this isn’t happening when I click “back,” it’s happening when I click the link to a thread from the unread messages page.

Never seen it on unread.

I think you need to send the bug info to MS. :smiley:

Is this on going or just recent?

I’ve seen it when the AJAX call to get the body parts times out or doesn’t work, but the raw HTML parts do load. That for me is most often when I’m on 3g wireless broadband connection, but I wouldn’t say i see it a lot. I then tend to hit Back, then Forward, and it re-displays and renders in full

@ Architect - Funny, but I’m sure I’ve also seen it on IE 9 on Windows 7, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

As Mike would’ve said - I was just pulling your leg. :smiley:

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@ Josh - I’d seen it a few times after the transition to the new forum software, but not too often recently. Then several times in a row today. Wish I had a consistent repro to offer.

Some changes were made yesterday so what you saw most likely was temporary.

@ Josh - OK. I’ll pop another message on this thread if I see it again. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Don’t do that! I already walk funny as it is…

This is an older post but I have what I think is a new rendering issue.

If there’s a forum post that has a very long paragraph of text, the word wrap doesn’t seem to work - it will cut a word in half if it neds to. I can only say I remember it happening for the past 3 or so days; no significant change on PC at my end. Were there any CSS tweaks recently that might explain this?

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Yes. Word breaking was added to prevent words from overflowing. Can you link me to the place you have this issue?

This one for example. but is broken