Forum Gremlins

Doesn’t exist…

Forum Gremlins DOES exist! I have seen them! :slight_smile:

Justin meant the missing post form another thread, shown in the small picture bellow his own post :slight_smile:

And I’m suddenly getting a “you cannot search for nothing.” error beneath the menu in every part of the forum

I know what he meant, just took a while to figure it out, so I thought I would pull his leg… :slight_smile:

I can search…

Thought u might have missed the pic, took me a while too to see that little thing

Must have been a glitch or something, I was able to search but every time I changed to another page in the forum it gave me that error.
But other then that it didn’t do anything.

@ GMod(Errol) - So have i :smiley:


I think this might have been a timing issue…it appears that the post that I was replying to was deleted just as I submitted my reply, which seems to have allowed my reply to be posted, but because the original post was deleted, something ended up wonky.

@ devhammer - That sounds like a likely scenario - bit more feasible than a tear in the space time continuum :slight_smile: