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For some standout community members!


Have you been active on the forum lately helping the community? We know you are doing it because you love FEZ but we want to thank you as well. The “thank you” note comes with a $100 GHI coupon. The coupon is valid till Monday September 5th and is only allowed to be used on this category:

The members were selected based on their activity in the past six months, their ability to help others and the way they look out for GHI.

The $100 coupon code will be emailed to:

Mike (88 posts last month, always there with feedback)
Architect (64 posts last month, 51 before. In the top 3 always!)
inallee74 (63 pots last month, working on some very nice tutorials)
ransomhall (60 posts last month, always looking after FEZ)
Wouter Huysentruit (I call him the RLP god!)
Skewworks (you have got to love his work!
Robert Jacobs (one of the people we started with when FEZ was first born and is still looking after FEZ)
Brett (Always around)
Jeff_Birt (helping FEZ in education)
Geir (a very creative maker)
Blue Hair Bob (educating professionals about the FEZ value)
Nicolas3 (full of ideas)
William (very active 3 months ago)
Gralin (always excited about FEZ)

We am sure there are others that we missed. If the community nominates someone else then we will gladly look into it.

I would personally like to recommend FEZ Internet of Things Kit plus FEZ Panda. This will be like the FEZ Ultimate Kit but with no display. You can add the B&W display to the kit as well. CANxtra is also a very powerful device, compare it to FEZ Cobra not FEZ Panda. If you get a FEZ Rhino, do not forget the plug-and-play B&W display.

Hurry up, things will be out of stock and sale will end Monday.




LOL, the RLP god loves that kind of gifts :wink:



Wow! Very generous! Thank you.


Thank you!

I just ordered a CANxtra. It is like an Cobra with “only” 8MB of memory.

I am going to establish a loaner program for fellow workers who would be interested in tasting the Coolaid.


You can order 2 CANxtra for $100 :slight_smile: I see you did just that, nice!


Wow, thanks to the folks at GHI. I just picked up a couple of educational kits. Now we will have a full stable of the different FEZ boards here on campus. :slight_smile:


I thought about the CANxtra box but the lack of future support scared me off. I assume this means it will not support future versions of NETMF. Correct? I ordered the Internet of Things + Panda + 2 servos (for just over $100…). I see some fun projects with the kiddos coming up! This will be great for doing demos to the users groups also.

I still may talk myself into one of the CANxtra boxes if someone will convince me that I shouldn’t worry about it being a paperweight a year from now. I’ve been thinking of building a custom sprinkler system. This would work nicely for that. Can the B&W display be upgraded to a color one?

Thanks again! Heck, I would have been thrilled with just a FEZ monkey T-shirt!


CANxtra will be supported in NETMF4.2 for sure but we can’t guarantee future revs. I would say it will always be supported as long as we are at 4.x but maybe not in 5.x which can be years away. For that matter, there is no guarantee that any product will be supported in NETMF 5.x or years from now…there maybe some super 2Ghz embedded processors that we ant to use by then :slight_smile:

Fro $50, I say it is a great buy that you will not regret. That is below its cost!


Super cool! Thanks very much!!


Thank You :smiley: !


That is great!
Thank you very much!!




Wow, missed out on the Rhino boxes already. :frowning:


Get a Rhino + display :slight_smile: I can look for a loose box somewhere but no guarantee I will find one but you can buy a non-cut one from polycase directly


Thank you!!! You guys are awesome!


Oh, you know what? My Reprap machine is almost working - I can just print one myself! This changes everything. You guys are great. Thanks again. Bob


OH NO! I forgot to use my Coupon! Oh well, I will just buy more stuff I guess. If I end up with double, I will still be very happy. Thanks again.


What a nice way to start a day :smiley: Thanks GHI, this gift won’t get wasted :wink:


I would like to nominate another active forum member - EricSan500. He does a great job answering questions, particularly with new forum members, and also asks some very well thought out ones. He even discovered a bug in the NETMF XML namespace that will (hopefully) get corrected in 4.2. And, of course, he has a really great first name :wink: