For sale

0 x Led
0 x Button
0 x IR Led
0 x Serial to USB
0 x Buzzer
0 x Potentiometer
0 x Variable resistor
0 x Light sensor
0 x Thermometer

0 x Panda II
0 x Panda
0 x Domino
0 x Cerbuino Bee
0 x FEZ Mini
0 x Cerb40 with ZIF support board
0 x Cerb40
0 x FEZ Cobra with display and enclosure
0 x FEZ Connect shield
0 x FEZ Touch screen
0 x FEZ Display expansion

0 x G120HDR
0 x MicroSD module
0 x Extender module
0 x Serial USB module
0 x ENC28 module
0 x Compass module
0 x Led7R module
0 x DL40 module
0 x EBlock expansion module
0 x Display T35 module
0 x USB Client DP module
0 x IO60P16 module
0 x FEZ Hydra
0 x Button module
0 x 10 cm Gadgeteer cable
0 x 20 cm Gadgeteer cable

Prices (shipping excluded) for each lot :
E-Blocks : $15
Boards : $100
Gadgeteer : $100

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Getting out of NETMF :frowning: , or just reducing stocks to get new Toys :dance:

How about a trade?

1x Galileo - barely used…
2x Arduino
2x Mongolian long haired goats
20kg Sack of spuds
And a basket of field mushrooms


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I already have “new” toys and I’m still in NETMF. More than ever ! :hand:
But yes, there will still be more toys to come (from the same factory :whistle: )

@ Bill Gates
I’m sorry, I have to decline your offer :snooty: See pictures :wink:
Though spuds :think:

Boards pack removed from catalog :whistle:

Gadgeteer pack removed from catalog…
E-Blocks too :-[

They were always a last time buy!

I think he meant removed from the catalog of things he was selling. :smiley:

Indeed :wink:

Btw, I’m happy I’ve made someone else happy :dance: (and no, it’s not my wife. At least, not by getting rid of the board :-[ )

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