For Sale, HUGE Lot Gadgeteer (desperately need to raise cash)

Hi Gang

I am in desperate need to raise another $300 this month.

I am selling a large lot of Gadgeteer hardware, in their mylar bags with cables, as new.

Main Boards:

Display T43
Display N18
Character Display

Wifi RS21 w/Antenna
Tunes Module
2 Camera Module 1.1
Serial Camera Module
Extender Module
MaxIO Module
Relay 2.0 Module
USB Host Module
USB Serial Module
Hub Ap5 Module
S-Plus Module
USB Client DP Module
2 Compass Modules
Gyro Module
LightSense Module
Accelerometer Module
Breadboard X1 Module
Joystick Module
SD Card Module
Smary Multicolor LED Module
LED 7r Module
2 LED 7c Module

Discontinued Modules!
ColorSense Module
Music Module
Pulse InOut Module
2 Distance US3 Module

3 Holey board

DFRobot Servo Extender
DFRobot JST Expansion
Parallax GPS Module

Over $600 worth of amazing Gadgeteer stuff. (See attached cart image, that doesn’t even include the Hydra, Spider, discontinued modules, or non ghi stuff)

I’m pretty desperate, so I’m trying to get $300 (less than 50%) for these.

If this isn’t enough for $300, I’ll try to find some more things. I also have several xbee modules, a Emic2 Text2Speech module, Many Arduino Nanos, a tank-tread robotics base (with motors)… Roku 3, Lots of robotics wheels… tons of nylon or metal standoffs…

Can someone help me out here?

My wife has spinal surgery on the 14th, so she hasn’t been working for the past 6 months, plus we had some unexpected bills ($300 to tranmslate Italian police certificates, plus $413 application fee to renew my work visa for a year, plust dental stuff for my wife also)

I know everyone has problems, but this has been a rough year so far. Any help would be appreciated!

@ mtylerjr - Not a nice story, hope you will manage to get out of this in a an ok manner.

Maybe you would indicate where you are located to consider shipping AND if you will sell individual parts?

OK, I am in New Zealand.

I guess I could sell portions of the lot, if they are significant enough. Shipping from NZ to the US is about $15-25 depending.

I’m happy to help out - I’ll take this to a direct message.


Stuff is sold!

Thank you Brett!


Just want to wish you and your wife all the best for the coming time.